Our hospitality derives from thoughtful preparation and an honest day of

restaurant work in a good pair of shoes. The black shoe is a classic

kitchen and server's shoe. They're sturdy, comfortable, and timeless. We

strive to provide hospitality, vision and a slice

of community every day.


Our gift cards can be used for food and drink at our restaurants, Maxie's, Blue's Egg

and Story Hill BKC, and in the bottle shop at Story Hill BKC, giving your

giftee an unparalleled selection of dining, drinking and shopping in one card! Click the card to shop online.


Our Best Guest Club offers points toward rewards every time you dine at

our restaurants or shop for wine at Story Hill BKC. Click the Best Guest logo to signup, register your card,

or check your balance. Please allow us at least 48 hours to enter your in-store signup slip.


We strive to be great members of the community. Our businesses are a means to

support causes, organizations and individuals in the milwaukee area. We are proud

sponsors of public radio, because we love good music and we believe in the power

of community-supported radio. Our restaurants' broad appeal makes each a great

place to see a daily slice of our community. Everyone is welcome.


Black Shoe Hospitality is a group of independently owned restaurants, and our

mission is to provide Milwaukee with a value and quality for dining unmatched

in the city. If you are serious about joining the Black Shoe team, you need

to be committed to a minimum of six months of employment in order to be a

viable candidate for employment.

We have high-quality food and service standards, and we intend to hire

high-quality people, train them well, and give them the tools and support to

do their jobs in a superior fashion.

If you are interested in employment at Maxie's, Blue's Egg, or Story Hill BKC,

please download, print and fill out the two-page application that you can

download below. Indicate which restaurant you are primarily interested in on

the appropriate line. Even if you intend to submit a resumé, we ask that you fill

out the application in full.

Thank you for your time, and thank you for your interest

in Black Shoe Hospitality.

Download an application here.


Black Shoe Hospitality

320 N. 77th St. Milwaukee, WI 53213

[email protected]