5100 W Bluemound Rd, Milwaukee, WI
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Your friendly neighborhood liquor store is also a great gathering spot to enjoy high-quality dining for weekday lunch, weekend brunch, and a sharing-style dinner. Cozy customer service and chef-driven cuisine inspired by the ingredients of the Upper Midwest.

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317 N 76th St, Milwaukee, WI
(414)-299-3180 - blue@bluesegg.com

Milwaukee's best breakfast and brunch. Our goal is to provide hospitality, vision, and a slice of community every day. By supporting the needs of the community, we strive to preserve the EGG: Everyone's Good Graces.

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6732 W Fairview Ave, Milwaukee, WI
(414)-292-3969 - max@maxies.com

Our Southern inspiration includes "Low Country" cooking of the Carolinas, Creole and Cajun cooking of Louisiana, traditional slow-smoked Southern BBQ, and southern comfort cooking of all kinds.

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Buttermint serves a finer style of dining and cocktails with Mid-Century Modern inspiration. Join us for the 7-8-9 Happy Hour, featuring $7 Wine Pours, $8 Tap Cocktails, and $9 Appetizers!

4195 N Oakland Ave, Shorewood , WI
(414) 488-2587 - info@blackshoehospitality.com

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320 N 77th St. , Milwaukee, WI