We are pleased to announce the return of our rewards program, the Best Guest Club! Any guests that were enrolled in our previous rewards system have been integrated into the new system with all their points intact (plus an additional 25 points!). To connect to your account, simply register into our new system with the phone number or email address that was previously attached to your account.

With our Best Guest Club, guests unlock a $10.50 reward after spending $150 at our restaurants. 1 Point = $1 Spent. Reward is issued at 150 points.

Enroll in Best Guest Rewards

Note: Enrolling at one of our restaurants enrolls you with rewards at all of our restaurants: Blue’s Egg, Maxie’s, Story Hill BKC, & Buttermint Finer Dining & Cocktails.

You can check your rewards balance here:

Check Best Guest Balance

If you are having trouble connecting to your account, please contact us at with your Full Name and the Email and/or Phone Number that you believe is linked to your account."